A list of censored / marginalized online communities

“The tired, the poor, the huddled masses, yearning to speak freely.” - The new, new colossus

Please help us find communities and forums that have been in some regard censored or marginalized over the last half decade by the increasing level of online censorship and deplatforming.

Special thanks to @nobodyjones for recommending the idea of reaching out to these communities and for providing an initial short list of individuals and and communities to contact.

PS the fact that we are reaching out to these individuals and communities is in no way to suggest that we agree with their points of view. In many cases some of these communities might hold down right racist (in the real sense of the word) or otherwise bigoted views. Our goal is not to tell them where they are allowed to speak, our goal is to reestablish the market place of ideas and have bad ideas die at the hand of good ideas.

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Incentivize this. I am a big fan of network effects. I personally look for a use-case with 2key.network. Met them at Consensus and they are always looking for partners/new customers and AFAIR even sponsor gas fees (they rely on relayers afaik)