AMA Video Questions

We’ve been told our “What is Foundry?” videos are shameful and that in another time the honorable thing to have done would have been to commit seppuku. Luckily we live in more merciful times and we can just fix our errors!

He I’m constructing a list of Foundry AMA questions for the community’s approval.

  • What is Foundry?
  • What is a DAO?
  • How will Foundry make money?
  • Does Foundry own anything?
  • What is DAIHard?
  • What is SmokeSignal?
  • What is liquid democracy?
  • How do you prevent rule of the rich?
  • How do you prevent rule of the shortsighted?
  • Why not use Moloch?
  • Why not use Aragon?
  • What is $FRY?
  • Why is $FRY valuable?
  • Why have you excluded the US?
  • Why does the world need Foundry?
  • Won’t Foundry just be shut down?
  • Will Foundry be able to change itself?
  • How do we know you aren’t going to just run off with all dem cashes?
  • I hate my day job, can I come work for Foundry?
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What got you both interested in blockchain tech in the first place?

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What are Foundry’s aims?

How do I know the liquidity on the exchanges will not be rug pulled?

Can I make money farming $FRY?

If I provide liquidity on a DEX, can I still vote?

Can you explain Foundry and FRY to a 5 year old?