Foundry Autonomy and Recruting High Fryers

Three Pillars of Foundry Autonomy

There are three main pillars of Foundry autonomy, all of which need to be in place for Foundry to start making bold, profitable moves in the world:

  1. A Fat Treasury: A DAO’s main lever is to pay out contractors to build products or perform real-world actions like marketing. A fat treasury means Foundry can make and execute bold plans.
  2. Completed Governance: The Treasury needs to be completely under the control of FRY holders, via a smart contract governance voting system.
  3. Competent, Bold Fryer Community: The above two points are moot if the community itself can’t identify Foundry’s opportunities and challenges, make proposals, and vote in wise and bold proposals.

#1 is being pursued by marketing and continuing to build Foundry and its products, and the sale continues to suck up funding. Schalk will soon begin heading #2. I am beginning to take #3 as my main focus for the medium term.

High Fryers

The first step to having a bold, competent Fryer community, is to begin recruiting what I’m calling High Fryers: thought leaders for Foundry. These will be individuals, likely pseudonymous, who understand and support Foundry’s goals (both business goals and ideological goals), and who think and coordinate together to translate these higher-level goals into concrete strategy and proposals. We expect a lot of this activity to take place on this forum, as well as on SmokeSignal as it is improved.

Ultimately, what we want is a large collection of High Fryers, with various levels and types of influence on Foundry’s internal discussion and thought, and with differentiated and unique resiliency profiles. If this is achieved, any entity wanting to “cut off Foundry’s head” must in reality cut off a multitude of heads, each of which will be hidden and protected in an endless variety of idiosyncratic personal strategies.

This kind of “differentiated resiliency” is a requirement for two other groups: FRY Governors (who will propose and vote in the actions decided by High Fryers) and Foundry’s contractors (who will accept payment in order to actually make real-world moves). In reality these three groups will have a lot of overlap.

But it’s prudent to focus first and foremost on the High Fryers. Why?

  • Unlike the Governors and Contractors, they can begin contributing today, before Governance is built.
  • The insights generated from this group could immediately benefit Foundry’s direction today.
  • Foundry would no longer be solely reliant on Team Toast for creative direction.
  • By the time Governance is complete, High Fryers will have already coordinated and build a reputation and intelligence together. The ship will have a bold, intelligent captain as soon as she’s afloat.

Are You a High Fryer?

Of course, the first place to find these High Fryers are within our own community. Does the above excite you? Are you inspired by Foundry’s vision? Can you help us navigate to the promised land?

If so, pipe up here! Consider making a new nym for usage here, so you can be bold in your proclamations without fear.

Let’s get to know each other. What inspires you about Foundry? Where do you think the next stop should be? What’s missing? How might we fail? How might we succeed wildly? And what can you bring to the table - what are your interests and specialties?

Finding More High Fryers

For my own part, I’m going to be getting serious about finding and recruiting more High Fryers. My first hunch is to start to explore the dark net, ugly as it can be, hoping to find anyone already practiced in good pseudonymous opsec and interested in extreme forms of anarchy.

I invite anyone here to pursue a similar goal: what we need now is more discussion and refinement of ideas and strategy, and for that we need intelligent, inspired, inspiring High Fryers. Anyone have any other ideas on where we can look?


As for inspiration, I like foundry to challenge governments. I am not sure Foundry will really succeed, but it is hopeful and I maybe can help. I hope for more conversation and I can help discuss ideas.

I think the introduced system is aa nice concept, this way, 100% community participation maybe ensured.

Let me ask a more direct question. Where and how can we find more High Fryers? Some ideas:

  • darknet forums
  • responding to censorship/deplatforming complaints (thanks Captain Stake!)
  • talking to people IRL as I travel (I’m still trying to find a resident country so I’ll be traveling lots)

@nobodyjones this is a beast of a post with a load of superb ideas. I wander the cost to Foundry part sponsoring some of the smaller stages at some select music festivals around the world when they are operational again, who attract the exact type of person who wants to break free from the mould and join a DAO like Foundry?
Reaching out to deplatformed bloggers is something which is low cost and I suggest might start to form a positive feedback loop as more fellow bloggers then jump on board

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Heavens above Nobody, that post hit me right in the feels. I have had a strong sense of the extent of the censorship, but to hear so much of it I hadn’t considered yet described has me emotional.

Would you be willing to head an evangalism effort to reach out to the deplatformed and help us gather them in SmokeSignal?