My Commitment to Foundry

Hey Fryers. As I’ve said elsewhere, once Foundry is autonomous I’ll have to step down from any leadership role, publicly and provably. This is because, if we’ve succeeded with Foundry, it will be doing things that I might face liability or pressure for, if I’m in control of the thing. Personally I don’t want that life–a life of paranoia and government short lists–especially when I begin raising a family. And pragmatically it would be a weak point in Foundry, an obvious head to cut off, making Foundry ultimately bullyable by holding my safety or freedom hostage.

I want to share more with you guys about why I’m here and what I’m committed to.

Spirit: This Is My Mission

If didn’t have to worry about money, this is still the work I’d be doing. I won’t try to justify my anarcho-capitalist bent here, but it has led me to this project. Bringing Foundry into existence inspires me like nothing else, and it seems I’m uniquely positioned to lead such an effort. Working on Foundry has considerable risk, especially since it’s too late for me for pseudonymity. But it’s worth it–this is a cause I’ll risk my freedom and life for.

It even overshadows a project like ZimDai, a ridiculously promising and bold plan to liberate the Zimbabweans from an abusive financial system. Because, Foundry is the engine that can pursue things like ZimDai (and DAIHard, and SmokeSignal, and more) without fear. It’s this fact–that Foundry can fight fearlessly for radical freedom–that justifies me facing this fear personally, fragile meatbag though I am.

If we can win at this, Foundry allows future builders to build without danger. Thus I justify building despite the danger.

Timeframe: Until February 2022

A little over a year from now, the initial FRY sale will end. Around the same time, I expect to be zeroing in on a place to permanently settle, ready to give up the nomadic lifestyle. Might even have some kiddies on the way. In the same move, I want to give up the worry for my personal safety and freedom that comes with non-pseudonymous involvement in Foundry. I don’t want to be selecting my residence based on how effectively I can set up personal security systems and legal tripwires. Miss me with that John McAfee shit.

So I’m setting this deadline. By the time the initial sale ends in February 2022, I’m out.

I’m still working out what that means for my founder share of FRY. Maybe I burn them, or take some profit via a Treasury buy-back proposal, or hand them to trusted disciples, friends, and shadowy figures. But one thing I won’t be doing is handing them to some pseudonymous version of myself. Why? Because the simplest way to sell a story is for the story to be true; and it must be clear to Foundry’s enemies that I am absolutely not at the helm nor leading the rallying cries.

First Goal: Finding High Fryers

Deadlines can be very motivating. What must be completed by the time I leave the project? In short, Foundry Autonomy. As said elsewhere, this seems to amount to three pillars:

  1. Fat Treasury - Foundry must control enough wealth to initiate bold, profitable projects
  2. Completed Governance - FRY holders must be able to directly propose and vote in the actions necessary to enact these bold plans
  3. Collective Fryer Intelligence - FRY holders must be capable of thinking and coordinating together to identify Foundry’s opportunities and obstacles, and translate these into proposals that are voted in via governance.

As mentioned in this post, my personal focus on the medium term will be the third pillar. Specifically I’ll be finding and recruiting “High Fryers”, or thought leaders. Part of the motivation here is that, by the time I leave, the biggest hole I’ll leave is that of leadership. If we have no High Fryers by then, this would be fatal. But with a healthy network of High Fryers directing the conversation, the impact would be nary a wobble in momentum.