Short Term Focus during the Bull Run

A bull run seems to be upon us. Combined with the state of our finances, this means we should urgently focus a lot of our attention on marketing.

At the same time, a lot of discussion has happened around SmokeSignal. Some of that:

  • Rampant censorship today presents a unique and urgent opportunity to market SmokeSignal
  • Getting SmokeSignal populated and active would be an incredible boon to Foundry marketing (and thus fattening the Treasury)
  • The same users who would appreciate SmokeSignal could become High Fryers, adding to Foundry’s intelligence
  • @nobodyjones suggests doing something like Dissenter, where users can have an unkillable “shadow comment section” for any URL. Hoping he’ll write on that soon!
  • @nobodyjones has also had some amazing marketing ideas here. This is written about finding High Fryers but definitely applies to finding SmokeSignal users.

So what is our focus, in the short term–looking at a week or two? What do we do day by day?

At a high level, we need to turn as much of this into “next actions” as possible, and ideally pursue things that might quickly gain exposure, rather than longer-term wins such as the suggestion of a bot that responds to censored/deplatformed posts. The latter is a great idea but we need quick wins right now. If anyone wants to read @nobodyjones’s post linked above and simply condense them further into next actions - that is valuable work, and gets us closer to getting someone on it.

At the same time we should keep an eye out to scale up our operations. Until we fatten the Treasury a bit more, we can’t go too crazy on spending. However, we may be able to find more people who believe in Foundry’s cause of radical freedom and can start pushing things forward from inspiration. In a way this has already happened, with the recent activity here in the forum. Our project is more advanced and our strategy is clearer than it was just a week ago, and that’s real progress.

Also - get in touch if you’d like to be involved but want a wage. We’ve got to be stingy, but we’ll happily pay something if the work contributes to capturing the immediate opportunities in front of us. This can be in FRY or DAI.