SmokeSignal suggestions

I just discovered SmokeSignal, and I think it is an awesome concept. I think your commitment to uncensorability is great, but what I like about it most is that it connects writers to readers with the low-friction payment UX of web3 (which I expect to become even better in the coming years, particularly the onboarding issue). I think it could serve a segment of the “paid writing” market that can’t really be served on web2 platforms: specifically, casual or unknown writers. I wrote a bit about it here but it’s pretty half-baked:!/post?block=15646118&hash=0xfd00a3bfb71f04b12fd6e952e9d3231d06e43008844f0d83f9fff2c4876f998d

Also, for me as a reader (and this might just be me!), quality writing is much more interesting than censorship resistance. Sort of like, as a user, I don’t spend much time thinking about how decentralised Ethereum is, even if I ultimately benefit from the security it provides.

I have a few other suggestions/feature requests:

  • My auto-assigned avatar is a grumpy face, which I don’t really like. Is there any possibility that we could re-roll these until we get one we’re more satisfied with?
  • Have you considered quadratic scoring for post ranking with DAI burns?!/post?block=15646243&hash=0xdffc54e6a2a59d8434b65fcf33316af522c72da538bfadafd0ed180e06e9b447
  • Sybil resistance seems to me to be a crucial technology that could enable things like improved quadratic scoring, downvotes (or other more advanced scoring algorithms), tip subsidies and much more. It is a hard problem, but I think one worth putting on a roadmap if it is not there already
  • I think being able to edit posts would be good too - maybe by storing the edited post at a new location in IPFS and updating the hash. I understand this might be difficult, just raising it as a feature I’d like

Feedback on my feedback is appreciated. I would like to see SmokeSignal succeed :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey David, I just want to quickly reply and thank you for this. There is some really great stuff in here, which I’ll track in the backlog for SmokeSignal. I’ll also say that if you can post this (or similar) to SmokeSignal I’m happy to tip it and have a longer discussion on some specific points.

The only thing I disagree about is tackling sybil-resistance. To me it seems like too large a problem to solve, at least as long as we’re operating mainly “on top of” blockchain tech.

Quadratic voting could actually be applied simply as another filter/sort option. We already have three other filter/sort algorithms live; what’s one more?

We have definitely been talking about a “revision” feature. And it’s easier than you might think - the hardest part will be figuring out graceful UX for it, for readers specifically. If I see your revised post it seems like I should be able to cycle back to the original and view that too - and easily - to remain true to some of SmokeSignal’s core value propositions.

Regarding re-rolling phaces, we’ve been talking more about doing an “in-browser” wallet. This introduces some challenges but would allow the user to “cycle through” phaces as fast as they’d like until they land on one they like. They could even export the seed/key to another wallet once they found one they liked…

Finally, you’re dead on with the identification of the audience “writers who want to get paid”, if I can largely paraphrase! We’ve been talking a bit about a writing contest…